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Snow Emergency
Snow Emergency
(A)     Whenever it is determined by the City Manager, upon the best information available to him or her that a snow storm in which the anticipated snow fall is greater than two inches is imminent, he or she may call a general snow emergency within the city, during which certain parking provisions as are hereinafter provided shall be strictly observed and complied with. Upon termination of the period for compliance with the parking regulations, as hereinafter provided or whenever it is deemed advisable by the City Manager, he or she may terminate the snow emergency and rescind the concomitant parking regulations. Upon the calling of a snow emergency by the City Manager, the City Manager shall endeavor to notify the public according to the best and most immediate means available to him or her. He or she shall likewise notify the public at the termination of the snow emergency.

(B)     In the event that a snow emergency is called, parking on either side of the arterial and collector streets designated in Chapter 74, Schedule II of this code of ordinances, shall be prohibited for a period of 24 hours from and after the time when the snow emergency is called.

(C)     The leaving of any vehicle remaining on the described public streets during the period of 24 hours from and after the designation of a snow emergency shall constitute a misdemeanor. The Police Department is hereby authorized to have any vehicle towed by the city or a representative authorized by the Police Department. The Police Department is further authorized to issue citations for violation of this section and the minimum fine for violation is hereby set at $25 each violation. The owner or party in possession of the vehicle may have the vehicle returned to him or her upon payment of the towing charges and recover the vehicle at the holding area designated by the city.

(Neb. RS 60-680)  (Prior Code, § 5-1023)  (Ord. 1687, passed 5-2-1983; Ord. 1730, passed 5-7-1984;  Ord. 1831, passed 11-2-1987; Ord. 1882, passed 11-20-1989)  Penalty, see § 70.99

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