Obtaining Services / Fees

Application for Utility Services

NEW ACCOUNT CHARGE: Any new account connected at the customer’s request shall be required to pay a $5 new connect fee.

SEWER CHARGE: The sewer charge is $3.787 for every 100 cubic feet and is based on water consumed annually during the months of December, January, and February. One-third (1/3) of that charge will be billed monthly, starting with the bill mailed on or about May 1st. If a customer has moved into town and hasn’t had water service during these three months, a charge will be assessed according to the number of people living at the residence.

WATER CHARGE: In order to have water service available to you, every customer must pay $19.95 each month for a ready to use fee. In addition to that charge you are charged as follows: 0 to 5,000cf (cubic feet) is $2.035 per 100cf. Over 5,000cf is $1.508 per 100cf.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: A Security Deposit of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) will be charged for every customer that requests service. If the customer has a letter indicating that the utility credit history of the individual or business has been satisfactory for a period of two years, then the customer may not have to provide a deposit. This will be based on the decision of the City of McCook Staff.

The $150 deposit will apply to all utility services furnished to the customer by the City of McCook.

Existing accounts will not be required to provide a deposit. The following exceptions apply:
a) Existing customers who have been disconnected for nonpayment. A deposit will be required before reconnecting service, if one is not already on file. This is in addition to the regular bill and penalties.
b) If an existing customer moves from one location to another, they will be considered a new customer. If they have had satisfactory payment history in the past 12 months, the deposit may be waived.

The City of McCook shall retain said deposit for a period of twelve (12) month. If the customer’s payment history indicates that they have had no late payment fees or disconnect notices for twelve consecutive months, and that no other condition exists which would require retention of the security deposit, such deposit shall be refunded to the customer’s utility account during the 13th month without interest.

When the utility account is closed said deposit shall be returned to the customer, less all outstanding obligations for water, sewer, trash, and recycling services due to the City. If the utility account is shut off for non-payment, the water meter shall be read out and all obligations to the City for utility charges shall be deducted from the deposit on hand if such deposit exits. Deposit money in excess of such charges shall be returned to the customer.

NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS CHECK: Receipt by the Utility of a returned-check from a customer, will render the account unpaid and will have to be redeemed by cash. There will be an additional charge of $20 per returned check, payable in cash only. If the returned check was used to satisfy a previous issued Final Notice, that notice and its due date are restored. The customer is subject to disconnection based upon the notification of the previously issued and still unsatisfied notice. If customer has not received a Final Notice for said bill, the Utility will send a Returned Check Notice indicating that payment is required within seven working days after notice is sent or given and service is subject disconnection.

DISCONNECTION OF SERVICE FEES: Once a customer’s account is disconnected for non-payment they will be required to: pay their bill in full; pay a reconnect fee; and pay a deposit of $150 (unless there is a deposit already held on said account). Payments must be made in the form of cash, cashiers check or money order only (no personal checks accepted), at the City Offices (302 W 5th Street) during business hours (7:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.).

RECONNECTION FEE FOR NONPAYMENT: When a customer’s utilities are disconnected for nonpayment, there shall be a $50 fee for reconnecting during regular business hours and a $75 fee for reconnecting outside normal business hours; including weekends and holidays. This fee, as well as the entire bill, must be paid before service will be reconnected.

FINAL DISCONNECT AND BILL: The Utility Billing Clerk must be contacted by any customer who no longer wants to be responsible for the billing of utilities at a specific address.

If the property is a rental, the Utilities will be transferred in the property owner’s name. If the property owner does not want the water in his/her name they must contact the Utility Billing Clerk at such time. If the property owner requests the utilities be disconnected, a disconnect fee of $35 will be charged. When the owner wants the service turned back on they will be charged a connect fee of $35.