About Boutique Air

Boutique Air Servicing McCook Ben Nelson Regional Airport 

City of McCook contracted with Boutique Air starting June 1, 2016 to provide flights from/to McCook and Denver, Colorado for as low as $49 one-way. Tickets for June flights are already available Boutique Air with Economy seats priced at $49 and Economy Refundable at $99. Economy seats are non-refundable, however, a 90-day credit is offered for passengers that need to cancel Economy tickets.

Stabalizing McCook's commercial air service after several years with a high rate of cancellations was paramount in the switch to Boutique Air. Reliability of service was a priority for Boutique Air and, while flight cancellations for safety reasons would certainly occur, the airline makes it a point to avoid cancellations stemming from staffing and operational issues. Boutique's cancellation rate at both the Alliance and Chadron, Nebraska airports posted a 100% flight completion during their first 8-months of service.

Boutique Air doesn't charge fees for gate-checked baggage, however, passengers with checked baggage will have to pickup their baggage in Denver and pass through TSA security screening again if they transfer to another airline. Boutique is working on official agreements with other airlines to allow for the transfer of checked baggage but the service isn't currently available.

McCook passengers with carry-on baggage only or flying Boutique to their final destination will not have to pass through TSA screening again in Denver. If it exceeds the 24 inch measurements for carry-on baggage it would have to be collected at baggage claim.

Passengers will be able to purchase tickets at the McCook airport from Boutique Air staff, a service not provided with McCook's former airline. Also, wheelchair service are available to Boutique customers.

Boutique is scheduled for two daily flights to Denver, Monday through Friday, and one daily flight on Saturday and Sundays. Tickets are only available for 90 days into the future to offer the airline and airport flexibility to change the flight schedule should the first few months of operations reveal a better plan.