Can I sell items door-to-door?
Yes, however, it is unlawful for any itinerant merchant, peddler, or solicitor, other than a solicitor doing business by appointment, to engage in any such business within the city without first obtaining and possessing a valid registration permit in compliance with the City of McCook Code of Ordinances. In addition to the permit required, any person who shall sell edible products must also obtain the applicable food license or health permit under the provisions of state law. No permit shall be issued by the city without such proof being presented at the time application is made to the City Clerk for an itinerant merchant, peddler or solicitor permit.

Each individual selling shall complete an application and present a valid driver's permit for or other acceptable form of identification and file with the City Clerk a written sworn application signed by the applicant.

Upon receipt of the application(s), a copy shall be referred to the Chief of Police, who shall within three work days determine whether the application shall be approved or denied pursuant to City of McCook Code of Ordinances § 112.06. The City Clerk shall then notify the applicant of such approval/denial and issue a permit only upon approval.

Additional questions should be directed to the City Clerk's office at (308) 345-2022.Application-Itinerant Merchant,Peddler,Solicitor

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