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Kelley Park

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  1. Lower Shelter House
  2. Restrooms
  3. Upper Shelter House
About the Park
Kelley Park is located on East 3rd and M Street.

This park, being the largest in McCook, covers approximately six city blocks and is the home of the Disc Golf Course.

Kelley Park has two pavilions (also known as "shelter houses") for family gatherings and a large variety of playground equipment. The municipal swimming pool and disc golf course
are also located on the grounds of Kelley Park.

No reservations are required to use the shelter houses. However, you can reserve the lower shelter house for a $5 fee. Contact the City Offices at (308) 345-2022, ext. 230 to make your reservation. (If no reservation made, the lower shelter house is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.)
No reservations are ever accepted for the upper shelter house. It is always first-come, first-serve.
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