Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment PlantProfile

The City of McCook owns and operates a secondary wastewater treatment facility that provides treatment for domestic, commercial, and industrial wastewaters generated within and around the City limits. The present plant was constructed and operational in 1982. The City’s NPDES permit is for discharge to the Republican River.

The McCook Waste Water Treatment Plant was originally designed to handle an average daily flow of 2.34 MGD and a peak hydraulic flow of 3.51 MGD. With the addition of the UV disinfection system in 1997 the plant peak flow was downsized to 1.8 MGD.

The most recent addition to the facility was a Biostyr Biological Aerated Filter system to provide additional tertiary nitrification for NPDES permit compliance of ammonia removal in the plant effluent.

Existing Facilities

  • Influent screening and grit removal
  • Primary sedimentation - (2) 55 foot diameter clarifiers
  • Digesters - (1) Primary, (1) Secondary
  • Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC’s) - (15) with 1,500,000 ft2 of surface area
  • Secondary settling - (2) 50 foot diameter clarifiers
  • BAF complex
  • UV disinfection
  • Cascade aeration
  • Effluent flow measurement

Collection System

The City of McCook has approximately 50 miles of sanitary sewer mains and 5 lift stations that it operates and maintains. General maintenance and emergency response is performed with a Vactor jetvac unit. Inspections are conducted with an Envirosight video camera system.