Building Regulation and Zoning Application Fees

Minimum Fee - All Permits: $15

 (A) Building permit fee.

 (1) New construction.

 (a) Residential (one and two family dwelling units): $.07 per square foot (Includes all levels, basements and garages)

 (b) Commercial $.10 per square foot (Hotels, motels and multi-family dwelling units, includes all levels, basements and garages)

 (2) Alterations.

 (a) $0-$1,000 cost $15; $2.50 per $1,000 additional cost.

 (b) Review by City Engineer of drainage report, sanitary sewage disposal report, and water distribution report: $100 minimum fee, or the City Engineer's standard hourly rate plus 10%, whichever is greater. Additional fees will be assessed should the project require extraordinary review by the City Engineer.

 (B) Plumbing permit: $2.50 per opening.

 (C) Mechanical permit fee: $2.50 per item.

 NOTE: Failure to obtain permit and pay fee prior to commencement of work for Items A, B and C above shall result in the charge of a penalty of $100 for each permit required.

 (D) Building moving permit: $100.

 (E)  Mobile home set down permit: $25.

 (F) Demolition permit: $15 for $0-$1,000; $2.50 per $1,000 additional cost.

 (G) Sign permit: $15 for $0-$1,000; $2.50 per $1,000 additional cost.

 (H) Contractors License fee: $75 new applicant; $25 renewal.

 (I) Zoning applications.

 (1) Zoning classification: $75.

 (2) Zoning special exception: $75.

 (3) Zoning variance: $75.

 (4) Subdivisions.

 (a) Preliminary plat: $500

 (b) Final plat. $200 per lot, with a maximum of $5,500.

 (5) Lot split: $75.

 (6) Mobile home park: $100.

 (7) Right of way vacation: $50 plus $.01 per square foot.

 (8) Right of way closing: $25.