Nebraska Liquor Control Commission

Licensing Information if You Already Have a Liquor License


If you have not already done so, register your business with the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.The approval from McCook City Council will require Form Number 200. (This form can be completed and given to the Clerk before or after registering). The top section of this form will be completed by you, the applicant, and given to the Clerk who will submit it to the City Council for approval. When Council has approved the event, the signed copy along with any other forms required will be emailed back to you. You will need to have this signed local approval saved on your computer and ready for upload when entering the application on the portal.

Please keep in mind, that you must get local approval AND submit the approval to the Liquor Control Commission no later than 10 business days before your event. Please refer to the Liquor Control SDL Calendar to assist you in determining the time frame in which you must submit your application.

Form Number 200 needs to be completely filled out. Dates and times of event, measurements of indoor/outdoor areas, Clerk's signature and date and all blanks must be complete. The application will be rejected and the fees will not be refunded if the local is not approved and signed by the local governing body. Please make sure that this Form is signed by the authorized representative. The application will not be processed without this signature.

Alternate dates and locations must be approved on Form Number 200. After application is submitted, no changes can be made to the application. Date change or event location will not be changed on the license after it has been issued. If you have an outdoor area, it is always best to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather.

Non-profits will need to submit Form Number 201 as a second page after the local approval. At this time, there is not a location on the portal application for the Non-Profit Form to be uploaded.

Outdoor diagrams (Form Number 109) or fence waiver requests (Form Number 140) will be uploaded to your application when entering the measurements on your application.