Community Programs

Children's Safety Trailer

The McCook Fire Department has a children’s fire safety and severe weather education trailer. The trailer is an actual structure that has a living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom with a window, escape ladder, and telephone to practice calling 9-1-1 and a fire escape plan. Children learn about fire prevention, fire safety, and severe weather in a realistic setting. To learn more or schedule the trailer contact the fire department at 308-345-5710.

Fire Extinguisher Training

The McCook Fire Department provides a fire extinguisher training to businesses and organizations. Individuals will learn how to effectively use a fire extinguisher by extinguishing flames using the innovative BullsEye Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher Training System. For more information or to schedule a training, contact the McCook Fire Department at 308-345-5710.

Fire Prevention Week

In October of every year during National Fire Prevention Week, the Fire Department visits McCook public schools, St. Patrick’s, and area preschools to provide a fire prevention and safety education program.

Fire Station Tours
Fire station tours are always available to the public. Tours include recognition and usage of various fire equipment, fire prevention, and safety information. Arrangements for a tour can be made by contacting the Fire Department at 308-345-5710.

Juvenile Firesetter Program

The Juvenile Firesetter Program is designed to assist parents and their child in understanding the dangers of playing with fire, how to prevent repeat behavior, and other consequences of their firesetting behavior. Request for services can be made by the parents or legal guardian of the child, social worker, councilor, or law enforcement by contacting the Fire Department at 308-345-5710.

Smoke Detector Program
Early warning in the event of a fire is the key to survival. The City of McCook and Fire Department firmly believe every home should have smoke detectors installed and a well designed home escape plan. Through the smoke detector program, participants will have a smoke detector provided and installed in their home at no cost.

The program works by contacting the Fire Department and filling out a contact form. Once the contact form is completed, fire department personnel will set up an appointment convenient to the participant, to install the smoke detector. Fire Department personnel will ensure proper placement and installation of the smoke detector, instruct the participant how to test the detector monthly, change the battery twice a year, and properly clean the smoke detector.

Along with education on smoke detectors, Fire Department personnel will assist participants in creating a home escape plan and how to implement the plan with their family. Educational materials covering these topics are also available. To participate in the smoke detector program contact the Fire Department at 308-345-5710 or stop by the fire station at 505 West C Street.

Fire Science Program, an organization dedicated to providing career and education information for the Fire Science community, recently launched a Nebraska guide focused on providing career and education information. We provide a list of schools and programs from the U.S. federal government National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), which contains a database of accredited Fire Science / Prevention / Safety Technology majors. We also have interviewed fire experts from various departments, and highlighted a few select schools. On the career side, we provide income tables in Nebraska for Firefighters, Fire Inspectors / Investigators, and Fire Service Supervisors, talk about fire training, and also have a full section dedicated to Public Service Careers.